Strobe/Flash Lighting Kits

Strobe lights are specialized flash lights with a standard color temperature of 5500K (sunlight color temperature). Flash lighting is extremely power efficient, flashing only once every time they are used. For example, if we put a flash, halogen, and fluorescent light next to each other and only allowed each light to only consume the same wattage of power, the strobe light would come out first place in the amount of light produced per wattage used. Specially designed flash tubes have an ultra, long-life (around 10,000 flashes). There are more accessories for flash lighting than any other lights on the market. The variety of accessories available allows the user to use their strobe lights in many different scenarios and settings.

Flash lighting is not suitable with just any type of camera. Our flash lights are specially designed for cameras with functions M or Tv. Listed below are a couple guidelines you should consider when choosing your flash light and strobe light accessory.

Selecting wattage:
500W and under suit small-sized/home studios (10ft. x 10ft.)
500 and 1000W suit medium-sized studios (10-15ft. x 10-15 ft.)
1000W and higher suit large scale studios (15ft. x 15ft. or above)

Selecting accessories:
Studio Softboxes soften light to achieve reduce shadow
Photo Umbrellas soften and reflect light, adjusting color temperature
Photo Reflectors reflect light focusing it into a large circle
Snoots focus light into a smaller circle
Honeycombs focus the light even further, increasing intensity
Barndoors direct light, usually used to remove shadows
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Strobe Accessories
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